XXXII International Meeting On Fundamental Physics

Scientific Sessions
The ATLAS Experiment (12.45 MB) C. García
Higgs Physics at LHC1 , 2 (0.74 MB, 0.71 MB) E. Ros
Neutrino Physics Theory (12.38 MB) C. González-García
The CMS Experiment (12.63 MB) M. Cerrada
The Linear Collider1 , 2 (2.6 MB, 1.36 MB) F. Richard
Quark Mixing and CP Violation (6.44 MB) K. R. Schubert
LHC Non-Higgs Physics1 , 2 , 3 (2.34 MB, 1.76 MB, 2.52 MB) L. Poggioli
Applications of the GRID technology (10.9 MB) J. Marco
The Challenging Tail of the Cosmic Ray Spectrum (1.8 MB) E. Zas
Review of Gamma-Ray Astrophysics (7.08 MB) M. Martínez
Neutrino Telescopes (9.36 MB) T. Montaruli
The Linear Collider. Machine, Technology and Interface with detectors (2.45 MB) P. Bambade
Detection Methods for U.H.E. Neutrinos (1.05 MB) E. Zas
Cosmology1 , 2 (6.14 MB, 7.51 MB) J. García-Bellido
Neutrino Physics Experiments (179.7 MB) A. Rubbia
Session on occasion of the 50th anniversary of CERN
The Achievements of the CERN Proton-Antiproton Collider (4.28 MB) L. Di Lella
The LEP Era and its Legacy (6.97 MB) D. Treille
Technology Transfer and Education at CERN (1.84 MB) J. A. Rubio
The next 50 years of CERN J. R. Ellis
Highlights of Spanish Particle Physics
Introductory Words(210 KB) D. Espriu
CERN and Spanish Science in the 60’s and 70’s F. J. Ynduráin
How Spain Rejoined CERN 20 Years ago (3.82 MB) J. A. Rubio
Spain and CERN: Personal Impressions (158 KB) E. Fernández
Present and Recent Past of HEP in Spain (7.98 MB) A. Ferrer
Experimental High Energy Physics in Spain: The first 40 years M. Aguilar-Benítez
Session in honour of Dr. Manuel Aguilar Benítez de Lugo
Talk by A. Ferrer (2.75 MB)  
Talk by J. A. Rubio (2.63 MB)  
Talk by M. Cerrada  
Talk by F. Barreiro (6.58 MB)  
Talk by E. Fernández (852 KB)  
Talk by F. J. Ynduráin  
Talk by S. Ting  


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