giving physics a boost

Working groups defined in the workshop:

Boosted top
Convenor(s): Salvatore RAPPOCCIO (State University of New York (US)), Justin PILOT (University of California Davis (US)), Dr. Marcel VOS (Universidad de Valencia (ES))
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Jet Substructure
Convenor(s): Stephen ELLIS (Department of Physics-University of Washington), Gavin Phillip SALAM (CERN), Jesse THALER (MIT)
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Convenor(s): Andrea RIZZI (Sezione di Pisa (IT)); Tilman PLEHN (Heidelberg University); Jonathan BUTTERWORTH (University College London (UK))
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Convenor(s): Gregory SOYEZ (CEA Saclay); Ariel Gustavo SCHWARTZMAN (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (US))
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Monte Carlo
Convenor(s): Mario CAMPANELLI (University College London (UK)), Deepak KAR (University of Glasgow (GB))
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This group has prepared RIVET routines to compare the jet substructure prediction for boosted top quarks and multi-jet background of several Monte Carlo generators. A zip file with the package is found here.