giving physics a boost

We took advantage of BOOST2012 to organize an outreach event for the general public. Isidoro Garcia of the CPAN press office prepared an announcement and brief leaflet.

Several regional and national media picked up BOOST2012. A number of samples follow here:

Marcel Vos' article in the October issue of the CERN courier

Emily Thompson's quantum diary and part II

Jon Butterworth's blog in the Guardian

And his interview in Levante

Video of the news that contains an interview with BOOST participants David Lopez Mateos, Ariel Schwartzman and German Rodrigo (5'40'' - 7'25'')

Article in Levante, a regional newspaper

Note on the web page of Valencia University (in Catalan)

Note on the web page of the Spanish Science Council CSIC (in Spanish)

A more complete list of events in Spanish is found here