Interactive Valencia map

Maps to download

Several maps to download con be found here:

  • Valencia map
  • Map of old town
  • Valencia districts map
  • Valencia bus map
  • From airport to hotels

    Metro line 3 or 5 is the best option for going from the Airport to the hotels:

  • For hotels Expo and NH center take line 3/5 and get off at Angel Guimera (9 stops). Then take Line 1 and stop at Turia (1 stop).
  • For hotels Valencia and Venecia take line 3/5 and stop at Xativa (10 stops).
  • For hotels Melia Ingles and Astoria take line 3/5 and stop at Colon (11 stops).
  • From train station to hotels

    The train station is located downtown nearby hotels Valencia, Venecia, Melia Ingles and Astoria. To reach hotels Expo and NH center you can either take a taxi (5-7 euros) or the metro. If the last option is choosen you should take metro line 3 and stop at Angel Gimera (1 stop). The take line 1 and get off at Turia.

    From hotels to botanic garden

    The workshop venue is located at walking distance from all hotels. 10 minutes from hotels Expo and NH center. 20 minutes from city center hotels.

    From airport to botanic garden

    By metro take line 3/5 to Alguel Guimera (9 stops), which is 700m from the Botanic Garden. You could take line 1 and stop at Turia (1 stop), wich is 300m from the botanic garden. The trip will take about 30 minutes. By taxi it will cost about 15 euros.

    More information coming soon