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ID Alignment Software Design Workshop 2007

Workshop (17-18 September 2007)

  The ID Alignment Software Design Workshop will took place at IFIC (Instituto de Física Corpuscular, Valencia) 17-18 September 2007. The main purpose of this workshop is to discuss the overall software structure of the ATLAS Inner Detector alignment. Interfaces and the general layout will be discussed.

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ATLAS Activities

SCT group (Valencia)

  The IFIC SCT group is an active participant in ATLAS, a particle physics experiment that will explore the fundamental nature of matter and the basic forces that shape our Universe. The group was involved in the construction of the Silicon Tracker, composed of a 4 layer Barrel and two EndCaps, with 9 wheels each. The tracker is composed of 4088 modules with 1536 channels per module. Here, two Outer Thermal Enclosure (OTE) were delevoped.

  The group contribution has been the construction and full test of 220 modules. This work was being done in collaboration with the CNM (Barcelona). The group also participates in test beam, simulation and alignment studies as well as in the development of new detectors that are going to be used in the luminosity upgrade of the LHC (SLHC) at CERN.

  This is a panoramic view of the SCT laboratory at IFIC. It is a 80m2 clean room class 10000, with 1oC controlled temperature and ±5% humidity. It is used to perform the detector characterization, module assembly, bonding, metrology, and electrical QA test.

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