Poster Session Programme

A poster session will be held the second evening of the workshop at Sala d'Estufa freda, while a light dinner is served. Not only students are encouraged to participate but also seniors. Posters will be included in the workshop proceedings. Below the posters topics received so far. Notice that only presenters are shown. To get the full author list you should get the abstracts book. The space available for each poster is approximately 150 cm height by 100 cm width, as you can see on the picture.

Neutrino oscillation physics and experiments

1. Matter Profile Effect revisted - Fourier method and others - J. Sato
2. Resolving oscillation degeneracies with a single neutrino polarity C. Orme
3. CP violation reach of EC beta beams C. Espinoza
P. Bernabeu
4. Signatures of sterile neutrino mixing in high-energy cosmic neutrino flux O. Yasuda
5. Sterile neutrino oscillation at a neutrino factory K. Fuki
6. Neutrino factory optimization for non-standard interactions T. Ota
7. Oscillation probability fits using Near Detector data at a Neutrino Factory A. Laing
8. The Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment L. Whitehead
9. The Angra Neutrino Project J. Anjos
10. Probing Neutrino Parameters with a Two-Baseline Beta-Beam Setup S. Argarwalla
11. The T2K experiment C. Hansen
L. Monfregola
M Ravonnel

Neutrino interaction physics

12. Neutrino-induced one-pion production from nuclei C. Praet
14. Quasi-elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering N. Jachowicz
15. Spectral function of argon and calcium A. Ankowski
16. Applicability of the formulae of Bardin and Dokuchaeva for the radiative corrections analysis in the NuTeV experiment A. Akhundov
17. Breakdown of the impulse approximation and its consequences A. Ankowski
18. Vector and axial resonance contribution in single pion production in neutrino nucleon scattering J. Sobczyk

Accelerator physics

19. SPL accumulator and compressor scenarios for NF M. Aiba
20. Alignment errors on emittance measurements for G4MICE D. Forrest
21. Monte Carlo simulation of the performance of the particle identification system of MICE Y. Karadzhov
23. Design and Operational Experience of the MICE Target C. Booth
24. Status of the Super-Omega Muon Beamline at J-PARC K. Nakahara

Muon physics

26. Recent Progress for Muon Collider K. Yonehara

Non-oscillation physics and experiments

27. NEXT: a high-pressure Xe TPC for double beta decay searches J. Martin-Albo
F. Monrabal

Simulation, Reconstruction and Analysis tools

28. GLoBES - General Long Baseline Experiment Simulator W. Winter
29. NuWro - Monte Carlo generator of neutrino interactions J. Sobczyk

Detector technology

30. Adapting and testing PAVICOM facility for treatment of OPERA experimental data M. Vladymyrov
21. R&D activities toward a HPXe TPC (NEXT) M. Ball