The LHCb-IFIC group

The IFIC is official member of the LHCb experiment at CERN since June 2013. The activity of the group is focused in the study of decays of heavy hadrons, containing at least one b quark, with the aim of discovering new particles and mechanisms produced by quantum effects in the process. The group also participates in the construction of a new central tracker detector formed by Scintillating Fibres, the SCiFi.

In particular our activities are focused on:

  • The study of rare decays of heavy hadrons. In particular we are involved in the measurement of the photon polarization which is sensitive to new physics.
  • The study of observables related to the hadron polarization.
  • The development of new models and observables to be measured sensible to new physics.
  • Contribution to the design of the front-end electronics for the upgrade tracker detector, SCiFi.


  • Seniors: Arantza Oyanguren, Fernando Martínez, Francisco Botella
  • Postdocs: Louis Henry
  • PhD students: Carlos Sánchez Mayordomo, Clara Remón Alepuz, Luis Miguel García Martín, Joan Ruiz Valls, Fernando Cornet
  • Engineers: Jose Mazorra de Cos

  • [Previous members: Pablo Ruiz Valls]