TopLC15 gathers theorists and experimentalists to study the top quark physics potential of future lepton colliders. Sessions will be devoted to the measurement of the top quark mass and properties and to the potential of a precise characterization of its interactions with the bosons of the Standard Model. Other sessions cover top quark reconstruction techniques and generators and tools for calculations.


Invited contributions include talks by:


Keisuke Fujii (KEK) ILC status

Andre Hoang (U. Vienna) top mass

Lucie Linssen (CERN) CLIC project

Organizing committee

- Marcel Vos (IFIC-Valencia)

- Juan Fuster (IFIC-Valencia)

- Eduardo Ros (IFIC-Valencia)

- Ignacio García (IFIC-Valencia)

- Marçà Boronat (IFIC-Valencia)

- Pedro Ruíz (IFIC-Valencia)


Scientific committee

- Keisuke Fujii (KEK-Tsukuba)

- Roman Poeschl (LAL-Orsay)

- Frank Simon (MPI-Munich)

- Marcel Vos (IFIC-Valencia)

- Germán Rodrigo (IFIC-Valencia)



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15/05/2015: First invited contributions added

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26/05/2015: Fee payment open (more information here)

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Workshop on Top physics at the LC 2015

Valencia - Spain, 29 June - 3 July 2015