Malvarrosa Beach (Sorolla) Mathematical and Theoretical High Energy Physics (fismat/hep-th)
Department of Theoretical Physics
University of Valencia and IFIC (CSIC)


At present, the Mathematical/theoretical high energy physics group members are associated with the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation research grant ‘Geometry, Groups, Field Theory and Supersymmetry’. Their research is funded by the members’ home institutions and, specifically, by the above research grant (FIS2008-1980), by the Generalitat Valenciana and from other sources (Project MRTN-CT-2004-005104 ‘Forces Universe’ and INTAS ID: 7928 ‘Extended supersymmetry, strings and non-commutativity in field theory’). The group has also established specific agreements with other research centres, such as INFN-Padova-Valencia, MAE-Valencia Wroclaw, UVEG-Kharkov, etc. and is in contact with other Spanish and European Universities.

Research interests

Superstring theory and supergravity
M-theory, holonomy and  BPS preons
Higher-spin fields in superstring and M-theory
Deformations and non-commutative geometry  
Twistors, supertwistors, spacetime geometry and dynamical models                       

Loop quatum gravity

Higher order bracket algebras
Geometrical and group-theoretical aspects of physical theories.

To gather more information about the group's work, please look at the electronic archives, such as hep-th and others.


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