EURISOL User Group Topical Meeting Valencia: Neutron deficient exotic nuclei and the Physics of the "proton rich side" of the nuclear chart

List of invited speakers who have already confirmed their participation:

  • A. Bonaccorso - INFN Pisa
  • Y. Blumenfeld - CERN
    Isolde update
  • Y. Fujita - Osaka University
    Gamow-Teller Giant Resonance in the beta decay and Charge-Exchange Reaction
  • J.Giovinazzo - CENBG
    Superallowed Fermi decays: precise T1/2 measurements and branching ratios
  • T. Eronen - Jyväskylä University
    high-precision Q-value measurements of superallowed beta decays
  • P. Van Duppen - Instituut voor Kern- en Stralingsfysica
    In-gas cell laser spectroscopy of neutron-deficient silver isotopes
  • T.E. Cocolios - CERN ISOLDE
    Early onset of deformation in the neutron-deficient polonium isotopes identified by in-source resonant ionization laser spectroscopy
  • F. Montes - MSU
  • T. Faestermann - Munich University
    Spectroscopy of N~Z Nuclei: 100Sn and Neighbours
  • J. Cederkäll - Lund University
    Studies in the 100Sn region with radioactive Beams
  • P. Woods - Edinburgh University
    Proton Unbound Nuclei
  • I. Mukha - GSI
    Two-p radioactivity
  • E. Maglione - INFN Padova
    Structure of proton emitting nuclei
  • M.J.G. Borge- IEM CSIC Madrid
    Beta-delayed proton-emission, exotic decays in light nuclei
  • D.Jenkins - York University
    Shape coexistence in heavy nuclei
  • R.D.Herzberg - Liverpool University
    Spectroscopic methods for the heaviest nuclei
  • L. Popescu - SCK•CEN
    Fundamental research using the high intensity proton beams of MYRRHA at SCK•CEN
  • H. Arellano - Physics Department - FCFM - U Chile
    Selective sensitivity of proton scattering to densities on the nuclear surface
  • G. Verde - INFN Catania
    The FARCOS Project - A Femtoscope ARray for COrrelations and Spectroscopy
  • M. Kowalska - CERN
    Symmetries in proton-rich nuclei seen through ground-state properties
  • J.J. Valiente-Dobon - LNL
    Spectroscopy studies of N≈Z nuclei
  • A. Algora - IFIC CSIC Valencia
    Shape mixing in beta decay experiments
  • P. Van Isacker - GANIL
    Spin-aligned neutron-proton pairs in N=Z nuclei
  • M. Freer - Birminham University
    Alpha clusters
  • A. Macchiavelli - LBL
    np pairing in N=Z nuclei studied through 2N transfer reactions
  • A. Petrovici - NIPNE Bucharest
    Beyond mean-field description of exotic structure and decay of proton-rich nuclei in A~70 nuclei
  • D. Vretenar - Zagreb University
    Exotic modes of excitation in nuclei far from stability
  • F. de Oliveira - GANIL
    Explosive hydrogen burning studied with RIB
  • A.Chen - MacMaster Canada
    Aluminum-26 nucleosynthesis with proton-rich exotic beams
  • C. Bertulani - TAMU Texas
    Nuclear reactions

2010, Instituto de Física Corpuscular. Gammaspectroscopy Group