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METing SUSY on the Z peak

G. Barenboim, J. Bernabeu, V.A. Mitsou, E. Romero, E. Torro, O. Vives
March 13, 2015

Recently the ATLAS experiment announced a 3 σ excess at the Z-peak consisting of 29 pairs of leptons together with two or more jets, EmissT>225 GeV and HT≥600 GeV, to be compared with 10.6±3.2 expected lepton pairs in the Standard Model. No excess outside the Z-peak was observed. By trying to explain this signal with SUSY we find that only relatively light gluinos, m≲1.2 TeV, together with a heavy neutralino NLSP of m≳400 GeV decaying predominantly to Z-boson plus a light gravitino, such that nearly every gluino produces at least one Z-boson in its decay chain, could reproduce the excess. We construct an explicit general gauge mediation model able to reproduce the observed signal overcoming all the experimental cuts. Needless to say, more sophisticated models could also reproduce the signal, however, any model would have to exhibit the following features, light gluinos, or heavy particles with a strong production cross-section, producing at least one Z-boson in its decay chain. The implications of our findings for the Run II at LHC with the scaling on the Z peak, as well as for the direct search of gluinos and other SUSY particles, are pointed out.


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