Neutrino Summer School

1st week : June 9-15 2nd week : June 16-22 3rd week : June 23-27
neutrino oscillations
accelerator physics
future facilities
neutrino interactions
neutrinos and astrophysics
oscillations analyses
neutrino detectors
reactor neutrinos
targets, cooling and decay rings
Mock data analysis
Benasque Benasque Valencia

The Nufact08 school will be held at Benasque (June 9-22), in the heart of the Pyrenees, and Valencia (June 23-27). The school will cover neutrino physics phenomenology, neutrino detectors and neutrino accelerator physics. This year's edition intends to put special emphasis on tutorials and reinforce student participation.

During the week 23-27th ("mock data analysis week") attending students (teachers are also welcomed) will be presented to a set of data generated according to an unknown neutrino mixing matrix. Students will be organized in teams and will have 3 days to perform the analysis and one day to write and submit a paper. Papers will be discussed (and truth revealed) the last day of the school.

We encourage participation of graduate or last-year undergraduate students. Some fellowships are available and applications are welcomed.