So, you want to make a
Web Page!2.02
by Joe Barta
So, you want to make a Web Page! is one in a series of HTML authoring tutorials.

Just a note- this tutorial is geared towards those using Windows95
It is also shamelessly biased towards Netscape. But rest assured, most of it should work just fine for all you Internet Explorers
and users of other (there are other?) operating systems.
Hello. My name is Joe and I'm going to give you a few simple lessons on how to make a Web Page. I must warn you though, this is for "all wet behinda ears" Newbies. If you're at all experienced at this sort of thing, you'll probably find this tutorial a bit of a yawner.
You'll be happy to learn that it's really pretty simple. The basic idea is this... A web page is nothing more than a file, a HTML file to be exact. It's called HTML because web page documents have the file extension .html or .htm. HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language. (If you are unclear about this file extension stuff, then you really are newbie!! Take a quick detour for a few ramblings on the subject).

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed your tutorials. After reading your tutorials, I bailed on my old web site which was done with *** and started my own from scratch with notepad. It was like crawling out of a 5 gallon bucket. I now can do exactly what I want.
Let's get started. First, if you have any of them fancy HTML editors and have an inkling to break em in now... forget it. The worst way to learn is to use one of those things. (Although there are a few that you will find helpful, they'll only help you once you learn the basics, so don't even worry about it now.) What's the best way to learn HTML?? Notepad. I know, I know, you got this 9 megabyte Wunder Wizzard that says it's gonna make putting up a web page as easy as scratching your head. Just trust me on this one. K? K. (If you're just looking for a super easy way to pop up a simple page then I'll save you some time and point you to Web Wizard)

Another tool you'll need is a browser to view your web pages. Netscape Navigator is what I strongly recommend. If you're using something else, it should be OK for most things, but you may be somewhat limited. If you're using something provided by America Online, CompuServe, or one of those Internet in a Box packages, you're on your own because I have no idea what they give you to work with.

With that out of the way I can say with confidence that you are less than 5 minutes away from making your first web page! So.. off to lesson 1.


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***    I thought it was only fair to omit the name of the specific "Wunder Wizzard" that Mike was refering to.

I got a big old smile on my face when I found out that this humble tutorial earned the coveted 5 star rating from the ZDnet Software Library.