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ATLAS Control Room

ATLAS TileCal Valencia Group

The TileCal group at IFIC-Valencia is responsible for the design, assembly, test and commissioning of the Read Out Drivers electronic boards (RODs) for the Hadronic Tile Calorimeter of the ATLAS detector.
The group has also built 50% of the Hadronic Calorimeter detector modules for one of the extended barrels of the detector.

A photomultiplier test bench setup was also installed at IFIC-Valencia laboratory to test more than 1750 photomultiplier tubes of the Hadronic Calorimeter. This corresponds to 17.5% of the total 10000 photomultipliers the detector is equipped with.

The members of the group include 5 PhD physics students, 4 senior physiscists and 2 full time electronic engineers associated to the project. The physics department collaborates also with the Valencia University electronic engineer department.

The activities of the group center on the development and maintenance of the TileCal ROD system. A total of 32 RODs have been installed in the ATLAS electronics cavern. The group has participated in the analysis of the data taken in test beams, system tests and commissioning runs during detector integration. In adition, our group has implemented the algorithms used to reconstruct the LHC data within the ROD system of TileCal.

The group contributes also to the simulation and analysis of new physics signals with the ATLAS detector. In particular the ATLAS discovery reach potential for the Higgs, SUSY and extra-dimension signatures.

The group has an R&D subdivision which participates in the upgrade of the TileCal electronics.


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