Computer tools in particle physics


This is the website for the course Computer tools in particle physics by Avelino Vicente, to take place at Instituto de Física Corpuscular (CSIC/Universidad de Valencia).

Dates: Monday 27/05/2019 - Friday 31/05/2019
Place: IFIC - Sala de Audiovisuales (Nave experimental)
Time: 15:00
Duration: 1.5 h for the first session and 1 h for the rest

Material and required programs

This will be a hands-on course, where all participants are encouraged to run all codes in their own laptops. The only required programas are Mathematica, a LaTeX compiler and Fortran 90 and C++ compilers. If you wish to fully participate please download the following files:

You should also download the latest versions of the codes we are going to use (exception: for lecture 4 we will use an old version of MadAnalysis, see above). You can find them in their official websites (links on your right).


The course will mainly focus on the material contained in the following notes:

Computer tools in particle physics, A. Vicente, arXiv:1507.06349

Previous editions

Visit this link for information about the 2017 edition of this course, or this link for information about the 2016 edition, that also includes videos of the lectures.