Arriving to Ateneo, ADEIT, "La Nau" de la Universitat





Metro, Bus, Taxi:
These places are located in the center of the city therefore can be easily accessed from everywhere in the city.


Arriving to IFIC





Metro line 4 (to TVV or Fira ), TVV station and 10 min. on foot from there. 7-12 min. pass frequency, round the year.Transfers: Metro line 1 in Empalme station (6 min. from TVV station) and Metro line 3 in Benimaclet station (25 min. from TVV station) and several others Bus lines along the whole way.

Line 63 (to Facultades), at the Facultad de Farmacia stop and 15 min. from there on foot. 5-20 min. pass frequency but only during university class time.
There are several bus or Metro transfer stops along its way.

By Car:
Go to "Nuevo Centro", by the old river way (now transformed in parks and entertaiment facilities). Then take "Pio XII" Avenue towards North (This avenue and the following highway is commonly known as "Pista de Ademuz"). Take the exit number 4 (Paterna, Burjassot) by its variant to "Burjassot, Centre TVV, Fira de Mostres y Universitat". Get in the big ring and take the fourth exit towards the back side of the Television center. The IFIC is the red building you will be seeing ahead slightly to the left.

By taxi:
Ask to be carried to the rear entrance of the Television center in Burjassot ("a la entrada trasera de la Televisión Valenciana en Burjassot". Once there ask to follow ahead towards the red building you will be seeing near in front of you.

Once you arrive to the Central Railway Station of Valencia (there are two secondary stations more) you will find a line 63 bus stop at the left of the exit. Ahead you will find "Xativa" station of the Metro line 3. By Metro you should go towards "Mislata/Almasil" and transfer to the line 1 at the next first stop, "Angel Guimerá". Then continue to "Empalme" station and transfer to the tramway towards "TVV" or "Fira".

Taxi is the best option to travel from the airport. It is not far from the city or the IFIC, but poorly linked to the city downtown by other transport means, wich include only one bus line and the local train line C4. Several Universities Campus, notable city points and main streets. Metro/Tram network. Bus 63. Railway Station, Maritime Station and Long Distance Buses station. Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona and airport highways.
Here maps to help arriving to the IFIC building are shown.
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