PROMETEO I: LHC physics and cosmology
March,2-6, 2009
Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Valencia

Invited speakers
 ♦ ``Physics reach at LHC with increasing luminosities and energies'' Dave Charlton
 ♦ ``LHC signals for electroweak symmetry breaking'' Albert de Roeck
 ♦ ``LHC signals for SUSY discovery and measurement'' Vasiliki Mitsou
 ♦ ``Distinguishing new physics signals alternative to SUSY in the LHC environment''      Joe Lykken
 ♦ ``Complementary information from different kinds of dark matter experiments'' Gianfranco Bertone
 ♦ ``The interplay between dark matter searches and SUSY observables at LHC'' Nicolao Fornengo
 ♦ ``Cosmological implications of electroweak symmetry breaking" Mariano Quiros
 ♦ ``Exotic views in the connection between dark matter and particle physics'' Takeo Moroi
 ♦ ``What can LHC tell us about cosmology'' Ewan Stewart

Location information   

You are more than welcome to participate, however keep in mind that you will have to make your own accomodation arrangements. Please send us an e-mail if you intend to come.    

You are expected to arrive on (or before) Monday, March 2nd, and leave on (or after) Friday, March 6th.