Postdoctoral Call Dept.F.Teorica   
Our research project on high-energy phenomenology opens at least one post-doctoral research appointment, carrying two-year terms. The senior staff consists of Gabriela Barenboim, Jose Bernabeu, Jose Bordes, Franscisco Botella, Joannis Papavassiliou, Jose Peñarrocha, Miguel Angel Sanchis, Jordi Vidal and Oscar Vives.

We look for outstanding applicants in the area of

form factors properties of leptons and quarks
lepton physics at SuperB factories
phenomenology of the standard model and extensios at LHC


formal aspects of Yang Mills theories
finite temperature QCD
non-perturbative QCD in the continum

Applicants should submit a CV, including a list of publications and a statement of research interests, and arrange to have letters of recommendation sent by three senior physicists. These correspondences should be received by us by December 20, 2009.

Prof Jorge Vidal (
Departament de Fisica Teorica
Universitat de Valencia
Av. Doctor Moliner 50
46100, Burjassot