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Practical Info for Visitors

Reaching IFIC

The IFIC-UV site is located close the Burjassot Campus, one of the three campuses of the University of Valencia. A general view can be found clicking here.

Reaching the IFIC-UV site by car:

If you are driving this road map will help you reach the Burjassot Campus following the red line indicated on this map connecting TVV to the IFIC site shown as the front-red building on the left of the map. If you arrive on public transport (bus N. 63 or tram) you should walk 5 minutes from one of the two green dots indicated on the map following the same red line connecting the bus/tram stops to the IFIC site.

Reaching the IFIC-UV site from Manises airport , appr. 8 km from downtown :

From Valencia's airport you can reach the IFIC-UV site at normal working hours by taxi in 10 minutes (approximate price, ten euros).

Reaching the IFIC-UV site from Valencia's main train station:

In order to reach the IFIC-UV site from Valencia's main train station (Estacion del Nord, just two blocks below of "Plaza del Ayuntamiento"), you may use the metro at Estacion Xativa (red line) or either Estacion Plaza de Espana or Estacion Angel Guimera (orange line) on this map. Note that you must change from metro to the tram line in blue on the map, in order to reach TVV. Alternatively, you may take bus 63 at Calle Bailen, which is direct. Either way you reach Valencia' s local TV station Canal Nou, at the TVV stop, but note that this bus does not run on weekends nor university holidays.

Reaching the IFIC-UV site from Valencia's bus station:

In order to reach the IFIC-UV site from Valencia's bus station the best is to take bus 63 at Avenida Pio XII, just in from of Centro Comercial Nuevo Centro. If you use the metro you start at the Turia station (orange line) and change at Empalme to the tram (blue) line shown on the map. Either way you reach Valencia' s local TV station Canal Nou, at the TVV stop. While bus 63 will take you directly to the TVV stop, note that it does not run on weekends nor university holidays. From TVV stop just proceed straight, past the roundabout, our building is a red brick building about 10 minutes away on foot, there is a clear indication on it UNIVERSITAT DE VALENCIA (left side) and CONSEJO SUPERIOR DE INVESTIGACIONES (right side)


The University of Valencia Colleges are used by the University as student and scholars accomodation and cultural centers. They accessible 24 hours (at certain hours you may have to ring a bell to call the security) :

Colegio Mayor Rector Peset is a remodelled old palace, located at the heart of the towns night life old quarter. To get more info on Colegio Mayor Rector Peset click here

Colegio Mayor Luis Vives is located at the UVEG's Blasco Ibanez area, served by bus and metro lines. To get more info on Colegio Mayor Luis Vives click here

Colegio de S. Juan de Ribera (located in Burjassot).
E-46100 Burjassot (Valencia)
Tel.: 96 364 5591, 96 363 8270.

For lists of Hotels in Valencia click here

Hotels in Burjassot (close to the IFIC-UV site):

Hotel Trapemar
Ctra. de Liria, 116
Tel 96 316 0550

Hotel Los Silos .
C. Fermin Galan y Garcia Hernandez, 72
(no meals served, but there are some popular restaurants nearby, and that of Hotel Trapemar)
Tel 96 390 15 15

C. Obispo Muñoz, 50, 46100 Burjasot, Valencia, Tel. 96 363 57 63 Fax. 96 363 57 63

Campus Banking Service :

The science campus of the Univ. of Valencia in Burjassot has a small branch of Banco Central-Hispano, plus Cash points located on Campus. Tel 96 390 03 66

Reaching your Hotel/Colegio Mayor from the Airport:

In order to reach Colegio Mayor Rector Peset located in Valencia's Historic Center or Colegio Mayor Luis Vives or your Hotel from the airport the best is to take a cab, which costs a bit over ten euros depending on hotel location (there is also a legal airport fee which is always added to the fare). Note that the airport has a bus service but infrequent and not so convenient.

Reaching your Hotel/Colegio Mayor from the bus or the train stations:

In order to reach your Colegio Mayor or Hotel from either the bus or the train stations you may even consider to walking, if you are traveling light, most likely your accommodation will be close. If not just take a taxi, about six euros for the typical accommodations we use for our guests.

In order to go from TVV to the IFIC-UV site

This is a short walk, as you may see from this map. If you are lucky you may get someone to fetch you by car from TVV to the IFIC site whose address is:

Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular - U. de Valencia/CSIC
Edificio Institutos de Paterna
Apartado de Correos  22085
46071 Valencia

From the main reception on ground floor you reach our Astroparticle and High Energy Physics Group by looking for modulo B-6, where most of our offices are located. If you have any problem you can check our phone/office directory. On weekends, holidays or outside normal hours the IFIC site is not accessible to outside visitors (a special authorization obtained at the Institute secretariat is necessary).
It is your responsibility to make sure that these arrangements are made and we will help you in that.

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