Hadronic and Nuclear Theory Group

The Hadronic and Nuclear Theory Group at the Instituto de Fisica Corpuscular (a Severo Ochoa Excellence Center), a joint research institute of the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and the University of Valencia, invites applications for


The research interests of the group cover a large variety of topics such as
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  phD 3 years contract

We invite applications from outstanding students for a 3-year phD position beginning October 2017 belonging to the program "Santiago Grisolia" of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The Thesis subject will be "Electroweak interactions with hadrons and nuclei" and will study topics ranging from radiative lepton capture, weak pion production, heavy quark production induced by neutrinos to multinucleon mechanisms in neutrino reactions. All of them are relevant for better understanding the neutrino-matter interaction needed in the current effort to determine the fundamental neutrino properties.

More information from the group and its research interests can be reached at


Previous students with the same "Santiago Grisolia" Grant in our group include:

* Astrid Hiller Blin (Tübingen, Germany), moving to a postdoc in Mainz U.,
* Francesca Aceti (Rome, Italy), now working at Itene, a RTD company.
* Vinicius Rodrigues (Sao Paulo, Brazil), in his second phD year.
* Rafael Pereira (Coimbra, Portugal), in his first phD year.
Vinicius and Rafael will be happy to inform any candidate of the working conditions. Their addresses can be found at the web page.


**The candidate must have obtained the grade+master title in the last three years in any non-spanish institution.
**After the selection process the candidate must start the doctorate program of the University of Valencia and join the research group inmediately (next fall).
If interested, send inmediately your CV, copies of your grade titles including dates, full info on your marks and, if possible, arrange for a Professor to send a Reference letter to