General location

The workshop location is shown in this link .

Arrival by train

The Valencia train station (Estación del Norte) is a modernist building located in the city center. If you plan to go from the train station directly to the conference place we suggest you to take a taxi, give the taxi driver the address and tell him that it is very close to "canal 9", "al lado de canal nou", (it is the local TV), once you are near "canal 9" you'll see a red brick building, this is the place. You can also follow the students way, the bus number 63 has an stop besides the train station (street parallel to the station at the left), take the bus there and go down at the first stop after the motorway, ask for "canal nou" (it is at five minutes walking distance) and you'll see the red brick building.

The hotel MELIA PLAZA is at ten minutes walking distance from the train station (direction Plaza del Ayuntamiento).

The hotel MELIA BOUTIQUE INGLES is also very close to the train station. If your luggage is not too heavy, follow "Plaza del Ayuntamiento" along the right side (with the train station at your back) until you see the street "Las Barcas". Follow "Las Barcas" street until the end (3 minutes walking), the street at your left (just beside the main theater) is "Poeta Querol" follow it during 5 minutes and you reach the hotel. It should not take more than 20 minutes.

The HOTEL EXPO is too far away to go on foot. You can reach it by underground, just take the metro at "Xativa" (just in front of the train station) and change in "Angel Guimera" (one stop). Then take line 1 to get "Turia" (one stop), the hotel is in front of the station (mind to go out at the proper exit: "centro comercial"). You can also take a taxi from the train station, if the traffic is OK it should cost around 6 EUR.

The HOTEL NH JARDINES DEL TURIA is a bit far away from the train station, we suggest you to take a taxi.

Arrival by plane

The Valencia Airport is very close to the conference place but, as usual, far away from the city. There is a shuttle service from the airport to the train station. Please ask at the aiport information desk about it. If you want to take a taxi from the airport directly to the conference place follow the same instructions as above.

Arrival by coach or car

If you plan to arrive to Valencia by coach or by car and you want information about how to get the conference place or your hotel please contact us.