Scientific committee

  1. ViñetaMiguel S. Costa (Universidade do Porto)

  2. ViñetaCarlos Herdeiro (Universidade do Porto)

  3. ViñetaGabriel Lopes-Cardoso (IST Lisboa)

  4. ViñetaYolanda Lozano (Universidad de Oviedo)

  5. ViñetaTomás Ortín (IFT-CSIC, Madrid)

Organizing committee:

  1. ViñetaAlessandro Fabbri (IFIC-CSIC, València)

  2. ViñetaMaria A. Lledó (IFIC-Universitat de València) (Chair)

  3. ViñetaFelip A. Nadal (IFIC-CSIC, València)

  4. ViñetaJosé Navarro-Salas (IFIC-Universitat de València)

  5. ViñetaGonzalo Olmo (IFIC-CSIC, València)

IberianStrings 2011
València, 15,16 and 17th february 2011

Webmaster: Felip A. Nadal.

Main illustration by Maria A. Lledó.

Iberian Strings 2011 is the second of a series which unites previous editions of the “Workshop on Gravitational Aspects of Strings and Branes” and the “Northwest strings”. In these conferences, theoretical physicists of Spain an Portugal (although not exclusively) working in the field of gravity, supergravity, strings and branes get together to discuss the new advances in the field.

It will be held in the Saló de Graus of the Fundació Universitat Empresa (ADEIT) (Plaça Virgen de la Paz, 3), located in the center of the city, during the 15th, 16th and 17th of february. 

Last edition was in Oporto (see ) and it was a great success on number of participans and quality of the talks.

For the present edition we will have five invited speakers which will give lectures of common interest plus a number of contributed talks, selected ammong the ones proposed by the participants, according to the directions of the Scientific Committee.

PhD students and post-docs are specially encouraged to participate in both ways: presenting their own results in short talks and taking an active role in the discussions .

This conference is supported by the Instituto de Física Corpuscular (IFIC, UVEG-CSIC), the Universitat de València , the CPAN - Centro Nacional de Física de Partículas, Astropartículas y Nuclear, the Generalitat Valenciana and the Red temática de Relatividad y Gravitación.