Proceedings PUBLISHED in Journal of Physics: Conference Series


The aim of the Symposium is to bring together experts on the field of Discrete Symmetries, in order to discuss its prospects on the eve of the LHC era. The general state of the art for CP, T and CPT symmetries will be reviewed, and their interplay with Baryogenesis, Early Cosmology, Quantum Gravity and the Dark Sector of the Universe will be emphasised. Connections with physics beyond the Standard Model, and in particular Supersymmetry, will be investigated. Experimental implications in current and proposed facilities will receive particular attention.

Format of the Symposium: The scientific programme will consist of invited talks and short presentations selected among the submitted papers. Young researchers, in particular, are encouraged to submit an abstract. The invited and contributed papers will be published online in Journal of Physics: Conference Series.

Satellite meeting: On the last day of the Symposium, there will be an open meeting of the new Director General of CERN, Prof. Rolf-Dieter Heuer, with the Spanish community of particle physics.


 ♦  The Quantum Vacuum
 ♦  Entanglement, Symmetrisation Principle
 ♦  CPT in Quantum Gravity and String Theory, Decoherence, Lorentz Violation
 ♦  Ultra-high-energy Messengers
 ♦  Time Reversal
 ♦  CP Violation: CKM and Beyond
 ♦  Neutrino Mass, Mixing and CP
 ♦  Baryogenesis, Leptogenesis
 ♦  Family Symmetries
 ♦  Supersymmetry: LHC Physics vs Dark Matter Studies
 ♦  Experimental Prospects: LHC, Super-B, DAΦNE-2, Neutrino Beams

International Advisory Committee
Organising Committee
F. del Águila (CAFPE Granada)
L. Álvarez-Gaumé (CERN)
A. Buras (Munich)
M. Cerrada (CIEMAT Madrid)
A. Di Domenico (Rome)
J. Ellis (CERN)
D. Espriu (UB Barcelona)
J. Fuster (IFIC Valencia)
M. Giorgi (Pisa)
M. J. Herrero (IFT Madrid)
D. Hitlin (Caltech)
C. Jarlskog (Lund)
G. Martinelli (Rome)
M. Martínez (IFAE Barcelona)
A. Masiero (Padova)
K. Olive (Minnesota)
A. Pich (IFIC Valencia)
A. Pilaftsis (Manchester)
M. Quirós (IFAE Barcelona)
T. Rodrigo (IFCA Santander)
S. Sarkar (Oxford)
F. Zwirner (Padova)


G. Barenboim (IFIC Valencia)
J. Bernabeu (IFIC Valencia)  · Chair
F. J. Botella (IFIC Valencia)
G. C. Branco (IST Lisbon)
C. García (IFIC Valencia)
C. Lacasta (IFIC Valencia)
F. Martínez-Vidal (IFIC Valencia)
N. E. Mavromatos (King's College London)
V. A. Mitsou (IFIC Valencia)  · Co-chair
J. Papavassiliou (IFIC Valencia)


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